Instant EcoResort Secure Hibernation Mode

With Integrated Solar Powered Satellite Security System

One of the most innovative features of our Instant EcoVillas, over other Deployable Structures, RV’s, Mobile Homes and Tiny Homes, is the ability to quickly close the deployed Instant EcoVilla Structures, to their secure, waterproof and smaller transport module footprints. All of the furniture, beds and other home belongings are kept safe and secure from the weather, (and from theft) within the Instant EcoVilla 1625 Transport Module. An active ventilation system ensures that the interior of the Instant EcoVilla 1625 Transport Module is well ventilated. The Instant EcoVilla Secure Hibernation Mode will activate the Integrated Solar Powered Satellite Security System. The Instant EcoVilla Satellite Security System has integrated cameras, alarms, and a perimeter security system, that can be viewed and monitored from a web browser. The owner and or property manager will be notified via cell phone and email, in the event of any breach of security. The Instant EcoVilla Secure Hibernation Mode is also a great solution for owners that would want to rent out their Instant EcoVillas. The security code can be given to the rental client, which would then allow them to deploy the Instant EcoVilla.

Instant EcoResort: Secure Hibernation Mode with Solar Satellite Security System


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