Instant EcoVilla: Modular, Removable, Transportable, Self-Contained Structures

High-Performance, Ultra-LightWeight, Instant EcoVillas are engineered and constructed as, Self-Contained, Unitized Composite Structures, that are able to be legally transported to any location. With the Integrated Retractable Trailer Platform, Instant EcoVillas can be expanded on the Transport Trailer, to a full width of 16 Feet. Due to the superior structural strength and ultra-lightweight features of our Unitized Composite Structures, Instant EcoVillas can be safely mounted directly on the ground or on a permanent foundation system. Instant EcoVillas meet DOT dimension requirements to be legally transported to any location in the United States, without the need for any special transportation permits. Instant EcoVillas are available as both standard models and customized models, to meet any design requirements.

Instant EcoVilla 1625 Model expands from a 212 Square Feet Transport Module into a 400 Square Feet EcoVilla in 15 minutes.